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Dear Brother and Sisters, May the Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon you and all your family. Please contribute generously towards the maintenance and expansion of our Masjid.

Please visit our Facebook page using the link on the top of this webpage. The most recent photos of the Masjid's expansion area have been recently updated. Donate and Build your Future!
Weekly Halaqa/Maw'iza with Imam Mohammed takes place every Thursday after Maghrib Prayer. A Halaqa for the Sisters is held every Thursday at 11:30am until 1pm and a Arabic class for sisters is held every Tuesday at 12pm to 1pm; please come and join us.

Weekend Islamic School, please register your children.[Registration Form]

Qur'an Halaqa to be held every Saturday morning after Salat-ul-Fajr, coffee and light breakfast will be provided. We welcome you to read your favorite passage from the Qur'an or Hadith and offer a synopsis of your understanding. All are welcome to come and participate in order to further our understand of the Qur'an and Hadith.

The Islamic Society of Denton (ISD) is a non-profit religious organization founded to serve the Greater Denton community Muslims. ISD is dedicated to worship, education and services in the city of Denton according to Islamic faith based principles based on the Quran and the authentic sayings, teachings and traditions of Prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon him. The Masjid (Mosque) was built, primarily, by residents of Denton, which included students attending both the University of North Texas and Texas Women's University. Through hard work and generous donations, the Islamic Society of Denton opened in August of 1981 making it the first Masjid built in the State of Texas. ISD is not affiliated with any private, public or any other political organizations and/or governments. Dear Brothers and Sisters donate generously; your donations will build your future and help us to maintain the Masjid and finish our expansion project.


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DECEMBER 17, 2017 

Donate generously we are completing our Masjid's expansion project and are in need of funds.

Send your donations to:
Islamic Society of Denton
P.O. Box 3084
Denton, Texas 76202-3084

Your donations are Tax Exempt


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Islamic Society of Denton

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